The 10th China Internet Audio & Video Convention Begins UWA and its members drive the industry and its standard setting forward,2023/04/04

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On March 30, 2023, the 10th China Internet Audio & Video Convention (CIAVC) began in Chengdu, China. Themed “Embarking on a new journey again”, the convention aimed to present new content, models, technologies, and business modals within the Internet audio and video sector, sharing the latest developments with all. The UHD World Association (UWA) and many of its members participated in sessions during the convention, including the forum on Internet audio and video tech innovation and development, the forum on integrated development of digital and physical spaces in the metaverse, and the 2023 Chengdu So Show & Investment Summit for the digital cultural and creative industries.

  • Creating synergies to drive forward standard setting within the Internet audio and video sector
  • At the forum on Internet audio and video tech innovation and development, Wang Qi, Chief Technical Expert of China Mobile Migu, delivered a speech entitled Practices for Innovating China’s UHD Standards. Yu Ke, Vice President of iQIYI, presented his company’s practices and exploration in regards to HDR technology. During both of their speeches, they shared how the Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid technical standards have been innovatively applied within the broadcasts of live sports events and self-produced programs. Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid have revolutionized the audio and video experience for consumers and are set to be adopted on a much larger scale across the industry as showcases for the application of key technical standards.

The UWA published the UHD Audio and Video Technology White Paper in the Metaverse Age during the forum on integrated development of digital and physical spaces in the metaverse. UWA Secretary General, Zhang Wengang, introduced the white paper to all those in attendance. The white paper is the product of joint efforts by 61 experts from 24 UWA members, led by China Mobile Migu, China Mobile Research Institute, and ZTE. As the first of its kind to cover the UHD audio and video sector in the metaverse age, the white paper explores the evolution of UHD audio and video technology as the metaverse matures. The white paper starts out by exploring technical requirements before analyzing key technologies from end to end and sharing the latest developments. It concludes with recommendations for a standardization system. The publication of this white paper will accelerate the development of the UHD audio and video industry across China and help the digital economy take off.

At the 2023 Chengdu So Show & Investment Summit for the digital cultural and creative industries, a cooperation agreement was signed by Zhang Wengang (UWA Secretary General), Xiang Huaquan (Deputy Party Secretary, Vice Chairman of Board, and General Manager of Emei Film Group), Yan Xing (Industry Development VP of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.), and Jiang Xiaoli (General Manager of DRM Trust Authority). This four-party agreement marked the beginning of a comprehensive, long-term, and stable partnership, serving as a shining example for UHD-content innovations and the application of new technologies. This partnership will take full advantage of each party’s strengths, including Emei Film Group’s industry leadership and strengths in content creation, Huawei’s solution capabilities regarding ICT and cloud computing, DRM Trust Authority’s compete digital copyright protection infrastructure, and the UWA’s audio technical standards and industry ecosystems.

Through this convention, the UWA and its partners worked side-by-side to actively contribute to the industry’s innovation and development, thus injecting the industry with impetus to upgrade its standards.

  • Taking full advantage of the industry’s technical strengths and improving experience through high-quality content
  • Since the release of Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid technical standards, the UWA has created an ecosystem that connects every link of the value chain, including content producers, professional production tool vendors, content service platforms, and chip and device vendors. Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid have both become industry standards accepted by China’s National Radio and Television Administration. Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the UWA and its industry partners, these standards have now been adopted on a large scale.
  • To date, content service providers including China Media Group, Huace Film & TV, Tingdong Film, Wanda Film Holding, Changchun Film Studio,, Tencent Video, iQIYI, Migu Video, and HUAWEI Video have provided over 20,000 hours of online HDR Vivid video content.
  • Healthy and coordinated development supports rapid, end-to-end ecosystem development
  • Throughout the course of its development, the UWA has always considered the entire industry and continues working hard to serve the industry, promote innovation, drive application, and strengthen collaboration. Through the integration of technologies, funds, talent, and other industry resources, this association has dedicated itself to driving the industry ecosystem forward. By the end of March 2023, the UWA boasted 269 members from 15 different countries and regions.

As UHD audio and video standards are gradually accepted and adopted by more industry players and the industry ecosystem matures, the UWA will continue working diligently to become the ultimate collaboration and exchange platform. The UWA is dedicated to helping address common issues faced by players across the ecosystem and making it easier for premium content, products, and solutions to go to market. The UWA is also determined to drive the industry forward, develop a more complete ecosystem, create globally-renowned technical brands, and accelerate the large-scale commercial use of UHD audio and video technologies.