Key Points and Proposed Implementation Paths

Smart Manufacturing:Key Points and Proposed Implementation Paths, Jinsong Ouyang, 2021/6/6

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  • On June 6, 2021, Professor Jinsong Ouyang, Director of the Institute for Integrated Technology and Economics of Instrumentation in the Machinery Industry, was invited to participate in the first seminar on “Digital Transformation Action Learning” under the guidance of the State Council’s SASAC and sponsored by the Central Institute for Digital Development of Enterprises. He also made a special report entitled “Suggestions and Reflections on the Core Elements of Intelligent Manufacturing and Its Implementation Paths”. The report details the concepts, technical trends, and international standardization of key common smart manufacturing technologies such as digital factory, intelligent manufacturing reference model, asset management shell, and digital workshop, and analyzes the promotion methods and implementation measures of smart manufacturing in relevant countries. Combined with the implementation status of intelligent manufacturing in China,the paper reviews the supporting measures and achievements of relevant ministries and commissions in the period of 13th Five-Year ,analyzes the latest policies of intelligent manufacturing development in China during the period of 14th Five-Year Plan,and finally puts forward some suggestions on how to better implement intelligent manufacturing in China. It resonated widely with the experts attending the meeting.
  • With the permission of Professor Jinsong Ouyang, it is being published at GIO.
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