Manufacturing-X: A Data Space for Industry

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The manufacturing industry needs better resilience of production networks and supply chains to reduce dependencies. It must become more sustainable and contribute to climate change targets. And it needs to secure and expand its competitiveness in the long term.

Companies must come together to work quickly and agilely in flexible and customer-specific production processes. For this purpose, they need the willingness and technical ability to exchange data, because the availability and usability of data is a prerequisite for successfully dealing with these challenges.

Manufacturing-X provides the industry with a data space in which this data exchange can be implemented. The initiative was launched by a broad alliance of companies, politics, associations, and academia. It draws on extensive prior experience and developments from initiatives such as Catena-X, Verwaltungsschale, OPCOA, Gaia-X, and International Data Spaces. Particularly important are the participating associations, including VDMA, ZVEI, and Bitkom that have made significant contributions.