The Explorers and UHD World Association Team up to Promote Adoption of UHD Standards and Cultural Exchange Between France and China,2023/4/7

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Source: UWA

On April 7, 2023, the UHD World Association (UWA) and its French member, The Explorers, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on content cooperation in Beijing, China. The Explorers agrees to license 16 documentaries – all shot in 8K – to the UWA. These documentaries will be aired on Chinese TV channels, online video platforms, IPTV platforms, and terminals. Olivier Chiabodo, CEO of The Explorers, visited China as one of 60 executives in a French delegation led by President Macron. By offering the 16 documentaries as a state gift to China, Mr. Chiabodo proudly promotes cultural and tech exchanges between the two countries.

According to the MoU, the UWA allows The Explorers to use HDR Vivid technology to fine-tune the colors of UHD videos, and take advantage of Audio Vivid technology to create more immersive experiences by incorporating new dimensions of space, distance, and position into audio.

The MoU was signed by UWA Secretary General, Zhang Wengang, and Chiabodo while witnessed by Jiang Wenbo (Chairman of the UWA Council and member of the Editorial Conference of the China Media Group), representatives of UWA members, and journalists. After the signing, Zhang and Chiabodo gave an interview to more than 10 media outlets, including People’s Daily, CCTV News, and Communications World Weekly.

According to Jiang, The Explorers has already employed 8K and HDR Vivid technologies for some of the documentaries. This signals a good start and marks the first time that HDR Vivid, a set of HDR video standards led by the UWA, has been utilized outside of China. Going forward, the UWA plans to support The Explorers in using its standards for UHD program production and broadcasting, including HDR Vivid, Audio Vivid, and extended reality (XR) UHD content production.

This cooperation will give a huge boost to the cultural exchange and friendship between the peoples of China and France. This is particularly noteworthy considering that the two countries will celebrate the 60th anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations in 2024.

Alongside partners outside of China, the UWA is expediting the development and implementation of technical standards worldwide. The UWA was the first international tech industry and standards organization founded in China, and now has 269 members from 15 countries and regions. The association is dedicated to building a robust, end-to-end ecosystem and value chain for the audio and video industry spanning content production, service distribution, and terminal display. In collaboration with its members, the UWA nurtures new businesses and models for the UHD audio and video industry.

As a UWA member, The Explorers is a pioneer in the application of UHD technology and a key driver of the global UHD TV sector. Together with UNESCO, the French company has used 4K and 8K technologies to keep faithful and objective records of the world’s cultures, nature, and heritage, helping preserve human history for future generations. The Explorers plays a crucial role in preserving human civilization and promoting world peace and common global development.

Working with the UWA, China Media Group will broadcast these documentaries on TV channels, including through 8K video platforms that are part of the Thousands of Screens in Hundreds of Cities Initiative. The 8K documentaries will give Chinese audiences new insights into France, undoubtedly driving exchanges between the two countries and the development of the global UHD TV sector.

During the interview, Chiabodo noted, “We use UHD technology to produce all of our content, and this includes more than 3,000 hours of 4K and 8K videos to date. We also work closely with leading 4K and 8K TV manufacturers. Furthermore, we have the ability to shoot videos in 8K resolution and produce HDR content. The Explorers is deepening collaboration with the UWA, using their leading technical standards to provide audiences with increasingly stunning and authentic visual content related to culture, nature, and humanity as a whole. Through these actions, we are helping the peoples of China and France learn more about each other, and create stronger friendships and emotional bonds between the two countries.”

Chiabodo also shed light on the company’s future business plan for China, including cooperation with Chinese partners on video shooting and content sharing, as well as the use of Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid standards during content creation and broadcasting. The Explorers will work to help more partners in France and the rest of the world better understand and use Audio Vivid and HDR Vivid standards.

Zhang Wengang emphasized that The Explorers is a key member of the UWA and a messenger that enables cultural exchanges between China and France. Thanks to this partnership, Chinese audiences will be able to experience the best of France through cultural documentaries on TVs and online video platforms. These documentaries, produced with 8K and HDR Vivid technologies, are set to speed up the transition from 4K to 8K.

As a content producer and copyright provider, The Explorers leverages HDR Vivid and Audio Vivid technologies to optimize the images and sounds presented within documentaries, making content more true-to-life and creating more immersive experiences for audiences.

Going forward, the UWA will continue fueling innovation and development in the UHD audio and video industry, double down on efforts to forge a robust ecosystem, drive the commercial application of key technical standards worldwide, and equip partners with necessary capabilities. The association is ready to work with more international partners, like The Explorers, to further deepen cooperation across the ecosystem and establish new paradigms of industry competition and cooperation.