The 12th GIO Roundtable

9:00-13:00(CET) September 20th 2023
Shangri-La Qiantan, Shanghai | Bella Center, Copenhagen
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Events Introduction

The 12th GIO Roundtable, co-hosted by the Global Industry Organizations Roundtable(GIO) and TM Forum, was held in Shanghai/Copenhagen on September 20,2023. Focusing on the theme of “Fast-tracking Industry Digitalization with AI”, the participants shared the progress and obstacles encountered by industry organizations while driving the application and standardization of AI in manufacturing, autonomous driving, and telecommunications, and discussed the role of AI in enabling industry digitalization and how to better collaborate.


Moderator: Juergen Grotepass
09:00 – 09:05
New Faces Introduction
Juergen GrotepassZVEI
09:05 – 09:10
Opening Remarks
William Xu Tim BanhamGIO Chair GIO Co-Chair
AI Application,Standardization, and Progress in Different Industries
09:10 – 09:30
AI Empowers High-Quality Development of the Digital Economy
09:30 – 09:50
AI for Manufacturing
Chuck ByersIIC
09:50 – 10:10
AI for Autonomous Driving
Kato ShinpeiAutoware Foundation
10:10 – 10:30
AI for Telecommunication
Luis Jorge RomeroETSI
10:30 – 11:10
Open discussion 1: Role of Industry Organizations and How They Can Better Collaborate in AI-enabled Digitalization
All participants
Coffee Break
11:10 – 11:20
Coffee Break
Building a Safe and Trustworthy AI Industry Environment
11:20 – 11:35
AI Engineering: Laying a Trustworthy and Intelligent Foundation for Industries
Liang WeiCAICT
11:35 – 11:50
Managing AI Risks while Harnessing Its Benefits: Measuring Progress
John HigginsGlobal Digital Foundation
11:50 – 12:05
Driving Sustainable Development of AI – a Perspective from Mobile Industry
Li LinGSMA Greater China
12:05 – 12:45
Open discussion 2: How Can Industry Organizations Support the Healthy, Sustainable Development of AI?
All participants
12:45 – 13:00
Martin CreanerWBBA

Expert View

Luis Jorge Romero
Director General of ETSI
AI will be an inevitable component of our future telecommunication networks, through all the elements in the telecoms chain. Unwanted misbehaviour of AI should be avoided, and people should be taken care of, for which security is a must and testing will be fundamental to ensure compliance. Global cooperation and coordination in standards are key to enable a healthy growth of AI. ETSI is fully committed and contributes to all the steps.
Chuck Byers
CTO of Industry IoT Consortium
Artificial Intelligence will influence many aspects of life.  In manufacturing, it will have deep impact on quality, productivity, cost, efficiency, agility, safety, environmental and labor aspects of factories and supply chains.  When integrated with IoT sensors, actuators, edge computers, Internet, cloud and digital twins, powerful new capabilities result.  As with all disruptive technologies, AI has good and bad impacts. Organizations like OMG and GIO can help establish guiderails for AI.
Li Lin
Head of Ecosystem Engagement, GSMA Greater China
In mobile industry, AI is having a profound impact on improving both connectivity and customers’ experience. Moreover, AI can better support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. GSMA is taking pro-active industry leadership in driving sustainable development of AI, by providing common framework for international collaboration and by providing a strong governance structure and a self-assessment tool to bridge the gap between ethical principles and business practice. The industries, international communities and organizations need to work together to ensure the sustainable development of AI, which AI operates reliably, responsibly and fairly for everyone, and leaves no one behind.
John Higgins CBE
Chair of Global Digital Foundation
The benefits of AI are becoming increasingly clear. But people and businesses are concerned about the risks. Fortunately, responses to the common risks such as lack of transparency, bias and security are being developed around the world. These responses take various forms such as regulations and standards and these share many common characteristics across different countries and regions. Organisations like Global Digital Foundation are working on usable frameworks that build on these responses. These frameworks will build trust in AI and will allow providers of good AI to deliver much-needed benefits to their customers.
Shinpei Kato
Chairman of the Autoware Foundation
AI technologies are becoming increasingly important in autonomous driving industry. The Autoware Foundation has been taking proactive leadership in pushing forward open source strategy to widely address the concerns and solve problems by providing frameworks and platform for the community to develop autonomous driving system and utilize the new AI technologies.